Township inks 10 year deal for waste collection, recycling

By David Fleet
Atlas Twp.- On Monday night the township board of trustees voted 5-0 to extend the waste collection and disposal contract which expires on Dec. 31, 2020 for 10 years. Of 31 communities in Genesee County with collection contracts, the township was ranked 29th with only Richfield and Davison townships less costly. Conversely, the Village of Goodrich, City of Davison and Village of Otisville were the most costly in the county.
Emterra Environmental USA’s services include weekly trash pick up, bi-weekly recycling and six compost days. The cost will be $9.92 monthly the first year then increase by about 20 cents per year for the next 10 years. By year 2030 the cost per household would be $11.58 per month.
In November 2012, the township inked their first contract with Burlington, Ontario-based Emterra Environmental USA, after purchasing contracts from bankrupt Richfield Landfill.
“I have no problem with a 10 year renewal because with written notice from either party this contract with 120 notice,” said Tere Onica, township supervisor.
Township attorney David Lattie agreed.
“I know these are long periods of time but contracts falls within Emterra’s comfort zone,” said Lattie. “They have delivered as required by contract. I know it’s a little odd to go out that long but they have a good track record.”

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