Township, police take aim at underage vaping

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.- On Feb. 4, the township board approved the first reading of an ordinance pertaining to tobacco and vapor products.
The first reading was approved 6-0. Treasurer Terri Darnall was absent with notice.
“It’s a big topic of discussion with the schools,” said Lt. Greg Glover, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation commander. “They’re going to local establishments, buying the vape and e-cigarettes, and it’s a continual issue at the school.”
The previous ordinance addressed tobacco products for minors, but did not address vapor products. Those under 18 are prohibited from purchasing or possessing cigarettes and other tobacco products, as well as vapor products.
“The first offense for a minor would be a civil infraction,” said Glover. “Further would be a misdemeanor.”
Glover also explained that by adding in vapor products, it would help the school liaison officer enforce the rules at school. “It’ll really help us with the school liaison as far as being able to enforce that,” he said. “We have kids openly doing it who aren’t even old enough to purchase it.”
Vaping has been on the rise among teens and young adults, so much so that the U.S. Surgeon General declared it an epidemic last year.
“I don’t think they know, because it’s so new, what the issues will be with it medically,” said Glover. “A lot of those flavors are a lot higher in nicotine content than a cigarette.”
The ordinance will be in the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 28, Article VIII, section 28-491.