Township seeks police millage replacment

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.- When township voters go to the polls on Nov. 6, they will asked to decide on a police millage replacement that will be in effect for eight years from the current five years. The millage will not levy an increase.
“The police millage replacement is just like a renewal except that it is for an eight year term instead of five years,” said Kathy Thurman, township supervisor.

The current millage can levy up to 4.25 mills, but last December only levied 3.8 mills.
“We’re asking for the township’s support in approving by voting yes for the millage replacement. It’s a replacement of the current millage, not an increase, we want to solidify the millage for eight years,” said Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation commander lieutenant Greg Glover. “The township won’t have to worry about their police services for the next eight years.”
The millage cannot be called a renewal since it is not for five years again, but for eight, so it will be up again during the gubernatorial election when more voters will attend.

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