Voter turnout up in primary election

By David Fleet
Voter turnout was higher in Atlas, Brandon and Groveland townships compared to recent gubernatorial primaries.
In Brandon Township 28 percent voted compared to 19 percent in the 2014 governor race. Similarly, 31 percent turned out in Groveland Township up from 17 percent in 2014. In Atlas Township 32 percent of registered voters cast ballots with 21 percent in 2014. According news sources statewide voter turnout was about 28 percent.
Groveland Township Clerk Pam Mazich, has been involved in local elections for more than 30 years.
“It’s not politics as it once was,” said Mazich, who has served as Groveland Township clerk since 2000. “People are becoming more aware of the issues especially where their benefits may be taken away or they want to be sure their taxes are right or their jobs and pensions are secure. People are more aware today and now they don’t like what’s happening. They are needing to get out there and elect the people who will protect their interests.

“Politics is in the air. Every since Trump was elected they have to be cognizant of what’s theirs and how to protect it.”
In Atlas, Brandon and Groveland townships Republican Governor Candidate Bill Schuette and Democratic Candidate Gretchen Whitmer won. In the 51st House Republican Mike Mueller won in Atlas and Groveland townships and will face off against Democrat David E. Lossing. In Brandon Township 46th House Republican Incumbent John Riley was unopposed and will challenge Democrat candidate Mindy Denninger in November.
In Brandon Township Jayson W. Rumball won the Republican nomination for a partial two year term for trustee over incumbent Scott Broughton. Democrat Marisa Prince will compete and ran unopposed.
In Atlas Township the renewal of the recreational pathways millage was approved for five years 1,239 yes to 817 no.
Genesee County voters OK’d the Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment millage 40,016 yes to 37, 278 no. However, in Atlas Township voters rejected the proposal 847 yes to 1,218 no. The Michigan State University Extension services millage renewal was approved 45,798 yes to 30,712 no. The Mass Transit Authority millage renewal was passed 53,179 to 23,734.
On Tuesday voting was steady at Precinct 4 at the Goodrich United Methodist Church, 8071 S. State Road, Goodrich.
After voting Goodrich resident Earl Tate said there was some good and bad on the ballot.
“We had great candidates for the 7th Circuit Court,” said Tate. “But the four proposals I voted for two and against two.”
David Hefferman, also a Goodrich resident is a UAW member.
“I supported the pathways in Atlas Township—not the rest (of the proposals),” said Hefferman. “I voted Democrat—Stabenow and Witmer for governor.”
Orland Smith of Goodrich supported Republican Governor Candidate Bill Schuette, however opposed the proposals.
“Everyone keeps asking for money,” said Smith after his vote on Tuesday. “There are plenty of other ways of getting funding rather than taxpayers.”