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An Ordinance to promote the health, safety and welfare of the people of the Village of Goodrich,
Genesee County, Michigan, by regulating the use of roads, highways, and streets in the Village by
commercial trucks, and to provide or designate routes on which commercial truck traffic is permitted; to
establish administrative requirements and prescribe procedures; to establish remedies, provide for
enforcement, and fix penalties for the violation of this ordinance; and to repeal all ordinances or parts of
ordinances in conflict therewith.
The purpose of this Ordinance is to regulate the orderly operation of trucks on the streets of the Village. The
primary objectives are to facilitate the transfer of goods and services by trucks to businesses and to preserve the
quality of life of the neighborhoods. Prime considerations involved with the purpose of this Section are: (1) the
safety of our citizens; (2) avoidance of unreasonable or unnecessary disturbance or reduction in property values
due to truck noise, vibration, and/or air pollution; (3) protection against the deterioration of those streets not
designated for truck traffic, and (4) adequate truck service to businesses and residences in an expeditious
manner, having due regard for economical vehicle operation.
Section I: Title
This ordinance shall be known and cited as the Village of Goodrich Truck Route Ordinance.
Section II: Definition of Terms, Commercial Truck
As used in this ordinance, including in this section, the following words and terms shall have the meanings stated
A. A “truck” as used herein, shall mean any “truck,” “truck tractor,” “semitrailer” or “commercial
vehicle” or combination thereof having an elected gross weight greater than 10,000 pounds or
used for the transportation of goods, wares, merchandise, raw materials, or materials which
have been processed although the manufacturing process has not been completed or there are
other steps to be completed in the manufacturing process. The words “truck” or “commercial
truck” do not include the following:
1. Bus, as defined by MCLA 257.4b;
2. School bus as defined by MCLA 257.57;
3. Authorized emergency vehicles, as defined by MCLA 257.2;
4. Motor home, as defined by MCLA 257.32a;
5. Farm tractors and other agricultural equipment, as defined by MCLA 257.16;
6. Utility service vehicles or vehicles used for construction in the Village while the
work is in progress;
7. Road construction and maintenance vehicles while being used for that purpose
inside the Village limits;
8. Authorized refuse trucks while making refuse pick-ups within the residential
districts of the Village;


9. All vehicles owned or leased by the Village; and
10. All vehicles used exclusively to transport personal possessions or family members for
nonbusiness purposes.
11. Private automobiles and pickup trucks.
B. “Enforcing agency: means this Village and/or any such other official(s) or agencies as may be
designated by the Village Council to enforce this ordinance, including, but not limited to
contracted law enforcement agencies.
C. Additional definitions. The term “Village” shall mean the Village of Goodrich. The terms
“elected gross weight”, “truck,” “truck tractor,” “semitrailer” and “commercial vehicle” shall
have the same definition as provided in the Michigan Vehicle Code, Act 300, Public Acts of
Michigan, 1949, as amended.
Section III: Restriction on Commercial Truck Traffic
It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to operate or cause to be operated a commercial truck, as
hereinafter defined, on any street, road, public right-of-way, or highway unless that route has been
designated by this Ordinance as one on which commercial truck traffic is permitted.
Section IV: Exception, Home Deliveries
A commercial truck may use or travel upon a street, road, public right-of-way, or highway even though it has
been designated by the Village as one on which commercial traffic is prohibited if the truck is traveling to a
residence for delivering or picking up goods, wares, or merchandise, or for the purpose of providing services
at the residence upon arrival. Provided, however, that in such event the travel along with prohibited route
shall be limited to the minimum necessary to accomplish the pickup, delivery, or service call, and said vehicle
shall be driven in such a manner as to leave the prohibited route as quickly by the closest available truck
Section V: Designated Truck Routes
Commercial trucks shall be operated upon the following routes in the Village only except as otherwise
provided in the Ordinance:
1. M-15 State Road
Section VI: Signs, Posting
The Village shall, with the approval of the Genesee County Road Commission, cause all routes which are
designated as truck routes to be posted.
Section VIII: Special Permits
The Village Administrator shall have authority to grant a written permit in special cases which would
otherwise be in violation of the provisions of this Ordinance. Such permits, however, shall not be given for
more than one (1) round trip, and in no case shall a permit be valid for a period longer than ten (10) days
from the date of issue. Said permit shall describe the vehicle, the time and dates of travel, and the route to


be taken by the vehicle. The Village Council shall set a fee for such special permits by resolution. It is the
intention of this provision to provide for bona fide use of commercial vehicles and trucks outside of the truck
routes where the necessity and practicality of a situation dictates a proper exception to the application of the
Section VIII: Violations
Any person, firm, or corporation which violates the provisions of this Ordinance shall be responsible for a
municipal civil infraction. The sanction for a violation of the Ordinance shall be a civil fine of not less than
$300.00, plus costs and other sanctions. Increased civil fines may be imposed for repeated violations of this
Ordinance by a person, firm, or corporation. A “repeat violation” of this Ordinance is a second or subsequent
violation of this Ordinance committed by a person, firm, or corporation within six (6) months of a prior
violation of this Ordinance, and for which the person, firm, or corporation admits responsibility or is
determined to be responsible.
The sanction for a violation of the Ordinance which is a first repeat violation shall be a civil fine of not less
than $500.00, plus costs and other sanctions. The sanction for a violation of this Ordinance which is a second
or subsequent repeat violation shall be a civil fine of not less than $1,000.00, plus costs and other sanctions.
An Authorized Village official, the Village Code Enforcement Officer, any law enforcement officer, including
but not limited to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department or the Michigan State Police Department, and
the Village Attorney are authorized to issue municipal civil infraction citations for violations of this Ordinance.
Section IX: Administrative Liability
No officer, agent, or employee of the Village, or member of the Village Council shall render themselves
personally liable for any damage that may accrue to any person as a result of any act, omission, decision, or
other consequence or occurrence arising out of the discharge of their duties and responsibilities pursuant to
this Ordinance.
Section X: Severability
The provisions of this ordinance are hereby declared to be severable and if any clause, sentence, word,
section or provision is hereafter declared void or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent
jurisdiction, it shall not affect the remainder of such ordinance which shall continue in full force and effect.
Section XI: Repeal
All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed; provided that this ordinance
shall not be construed to repeal expressly or by implication any provision of the Village Building Code.


Section XIII: Effective Date
This ordinance shall take effect 30 days after publication as required by law.

Adopted______________, 2024; Published_____________, 2024; Effective_______________, 2024

The Village President declared the ordinance adopted.

Keith Walworth
Village President


The foregoing is a true copy of Ordinance Number _______which was enacted by the Village Council of
the Village of Goodrich at a regular meeting held on Monday, __________________ 2024.

Sheri L. Wilkerson, CMC
Village Administrator/Clerk

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