Rocking and Raking success

Dear Editor, Where do I begin expressing my sincere gratitude for the volunteers that stepped up to organize the Teens and Seniors Rocking and Raking 2016 program? Eight people responded that they wanted to be sure our community senior and disabled residents would have their flower beds, windows, patio furniture and yards cleaned from the fall and winter weather, a 6-person committee was formed only two days after the plea appeared in The Citizen Newspaper. The committee consists of Jayson Rumball, Colleen Collins, Kim Zernec, Sharon Gibbons and Nate Odinga and me. Each committee member took a job and followed through in a very timely manner. Donations of cash, items for lunch and cleaning supplies were received from; Ortonville Ace Hardware, Brandon Family Dental, TSC, Papa Bella’s Pizza, Hamilton’s Propane, Bedrock Express LTD, Dollar General, Chesnutt Outdoor Services, Frosty Boy of Ortonville, Annie MacPhee’s, Ortonville Lions Club, Friends of Jayson Rumball, Rocan, Inc., Rumball and Wojtkowicz, PLC, MDTS Tower Service of Goodrich, Krystal Clear Wash of Goodrich, Pepsi Cola, Home Depot of Lake Orion, Home Depot of Auburn Hills and Brown’s Do-It Center of Goodrich. A few other homeowners donated cash and or food items. Special thanks to Maxine & Bob Stockley for the 200-plus huge homemade cookies and Karen and Bob McArthur for the wonderful taco salad! We are looking forward to the 2017 rocking and raking project and hope for the same response! Thank you one and all that gave of your time, money, food and kind gestures for our deserving seniors and disabled citizens. Candee Allen, TSRR committee  

Thank a Teacher

Dear Ortonville-Brandon Community, The week of May 2nd was teacher appreciation week across the country. As we celebrated the profession of teaching, it led me to reflect on how blessed I have been by great teachers throughout my life. This includes many classroom teachers, my parents, my coaches, and a host of other mentors that […]

Are you a Trumpster?

Dear Editor, Trumpster: noun: one who is reliably authoritarian and believes the country’s ills are the fault of immigrants, pushy women, people of color and an over-reaching government; rhymes with dumpster. You might be a Trumpster if you share in the delusion that a billionaire with a history of failed business ventures and fraudulent consumer […]

What Would Jesus Do?

(In response to: ‘Why yes, indeed, I believe Jesus pooped,’ a column by Don Rush, The Citizen, April 16, page 7). Well now. I knew from the moment I read the column (on the 9th, not the 16th, Joyce & David) about Jesus pooping, there’d be h-ll to pay!  Sure enough there it was in […]

“OCEF Rummage Sale”

As all of you may know this is the time of year when OCEF starts to advertise our annual Rummage Sale to benefit the Ortonville Community Emergency Fund. It is with heavy hearts that the OCEF Board of Directors have made the tough decision not to have the Rummage Sale this year. Due to the […]

Column was way out of line

(In response to: ‘Why yes, indeed, I believe Jesus pooped,’ a column by Don Rush, The Citizen, April 16, page 6) Dear Mr. Sherman, I am writing this letter with a sad heart because of the article written by Mr. Don Rush and published by you in the April 16 edition of The Citizen concerning […]

I want the greatness back

(In response to, “America has never stopped being great,” a letter by J. Galer, The Citizen, April 9, page 6) Dear Editor While I have no interest in playing tennis with anyone on this page, I felt it necessary to respond to Miss J. Galer`s response to my letter. First of all, it is good […]

Recipe for disaster

As a cook of some repute, I am asked to share a recipe now and then. Here’s one that you will enjoy: RECIPE FOR DISASTER Ingredients · One demagogue, choose an old, plump one · An angry electorate · A rapidly changing culture, no expiration date needed · Declining manufacturing jobs · Increasing immigration · […]

America has never stopped being great

In response to “Establishment is uncomfortable,” a letter by Joe Mento, The Citizen, page 6, March 26. Dear Editior, Mr. Mento asserts the following in his letter. Donald Trump despises political correctness. A political outsider, career politicians are afraid of him. Trump represents the hardworking middle class. Protestors at Trump rallies are disrupting free speech. […]

Don’t bother with the truth

(In response to, “Reich this way,” a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, March 19, page 7) Dear Editor, I see that once again the disinformation train has left the station with Engineer B. Beltramo at the controls, full speed ahead! Let’s not bother with the truth when innuendo and misleading , inaccurate statements will […]