Vendor fee waived for downtown businesses

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Brandon Twp. — During the regular meeting on Monday night, the Brandon Township board of trustees voted unanimously to waive the $50 Septemberfest vendor fee for downtown Ortonville businesses.
“This came up in the Septemberfest planning meeting,” said Supervisor Jayson Rumball. “The group wanted to give business owners their spot in front of their business for free.”
In the past, downtown businesses paid for the spots in front of their businesses on Mill and South Streets if they wanted them to remain open. The motion stipulated that business owners still have to full out the vendor registration form, and that they have to use the spot to participate in the event.
“We are wanting to give the business owners a free space in front of their shop as long as they’re using it,” said Rumball. “If they’re not using it, we’re going to sell it to somebody else.”
The letter to the board from parks and recreation director John Hug, he said that some businesses feel they are losing customers by having a vendor on the street in front of their business, but that leaving empty parking spot would not be acceptable.
“We have heard their concerns and discussed how to best serve them, the community and the event,” said Hug. “After much discussion, the committee has agreed to waive the $50 fee (2024 vendor fee) provided the business owner participates in the Septemberfest event. This would require them to promote their business by filling the parking space directly in front of their storefront with either products, information or the like.”
To fill out the booth vendor form, visit

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