A community that deserves thanks

Last Tuesday, during the heavy rain we got, I noticed my tires slipping a bit while driving. I said to my husband that I needed new tires, and he said he’d take my car in to get them when he gets paid, which is on the 15th of November.
On the 9th of November, I got a flat tire.
I got a low tire pressure light on my way into work that morning, and by the time I got to Baldwin and Oakwood Roads, I could hear that my tire was flat. So I pulled off into a parking lot, called my husband to let him know, then called my editor, David, to come pick me up.
Luckily, he had a small air pump and we put enough air in my tire to get me about to the Ortonville village limits. Then I pulled off on a side street, and we put a bit more air in the tire.
My goal was just to get my car to one of the auto repair shops in town, where they could determine if my tire was fixable or at least put the spare on.
We got into the village, and my tire was completely flat again, so I pulled into the driveway of Pete Burkett and Jane Derry-Burkett.
I work with Jane on the board for Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance, and they’re active community members, so I didn’t think they’d mind us borrowing their driveway for a little bit to try and get more air in my tire.
And, of course, I have a spare tire and a jack in my trunk. After the small air pump stopped working, we tried to put on my spare.
We tried my tool to get the flat off, which was pretty ineffective. We tried David’s tire iron, which didn’t work either. Eventually, Pete and Jane saw us outside and came out to help. Pete brought out his tire iron and tried to get the flat tire off
They bent the tire iron. That tire was not coming off.
Luckily, Pete also had an air compressor and put some air in my tire, which was enough to just get me to the auto shop, and off to work since it was still our deadline day and we still had plenty of work to do.
And the shop confirmed that the tire was not fixable, got me three prices for all-around new tires, and put them on same-day. The beauty of small businesses is how well they take care of the community.
So this year, I’m thankful for our small community and the people in it. If I were anywhere else, I’d have had to call a tow truck, Kyle would have had to leave work to pick me up, and I would have been without a car for a few days.
Also, sorry about the tire iron, Pete and Jane. Thank you both for the help and hospitality and for checking that I got my car to the shop okay.
Happy Thanksgiving to you readers, and to the whole community. I couldn’t ask for a better one.

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