‘America & Me Essay’

Last week, the three winners of the 50th annual America & Me Essay contest, sponsored by Farm Bureau Insurance were recognized.
Brandon Middle School students Brenna Sans, Allison Ressler and Elizabeth Manion were awarded for their achievement. As the school’s first place winner, Sans’ name will be engraved on a plaque displayed in the school office. The topic for the 2018-19 contest was “My Personal Michigan Hero.”
Sans’ first place essay now advances to the state level competition from which the top 10 essays in Michigan will be selected. The top 10 statewide winners, will be announced in April, with a $1,000 cash award.

My Personal Michigan Hero

By Brenna Sans
This world has billions of people. Michigan alone has over nine million people in it, but out of all the people in Michigan I think of one person that inspires me. One person that is my Michigan hero. This person is my great grandmother, Alice Barrie.
My great grandma, is a truly amazing woman. At her age of ninety-eight years old, she maintains her own house, works outside on her garden, as well as does other things involving movement every day. Even though my great grandma is 85 years older than me, it’s safe to say that she is more active than I am.
Speaking of her being active, I almost forgot to mention that she walks the Mackinac Bridge every year! She is a wonderful grandma, great grandma , and even great-great grandma to her grandchildren including me. She is a mother to three children as well. She attends church and has a strong faith in God. My grandma inspires me because she does not let her age define what she can and cannot do. For example at her age, ninety eight, she still hunts. If a woman who is older than 90 years old hunting isn’t inspiring enough, listen to this. Last year at the age of ninety -seven, my grandma had her heart valve replaced and only a week later went hunting and shot a deer! Not only is that inspiring because of her age, it’s also inspiring that she did not let what negative things that are going on in life stop her from doing what she loves.
I think that more people need to start being like my great grandma, and not letting their age define what they can do, or what they stand up for. When I grow up I hope that I end up to be like my grandma; sweet, active , determined, and so many other great things, because if everyone was like my grandma the world would be a better place.
My great grandma is my Michigan hero, because how could a person like her not be?

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