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Earlier this month, the three winners of the 50th annual America & Me Essay contest, sponsored by Farm Bureau Insurance were recognized.
Goodrich Middle School students Abigail Schell, first place, Sohia Bowers, second place and Sydney Stonerock, third place were awarded for their achievement. As the school’s first place winner, Schell’s name will be engraved on a plaque displayed in the school office. The topic for the 2018-19 contest was “My Personal Michigan Hero.”
Schell’s first place essay now advances to the state level competition from which the top 10 essays in Michigan will be selected. The top 10 statewide winners, will be announced in April, with a $1,000 cash award. Check out the winning essay on

By Abigail Schell
Usually it is the grandmas that are proud of their grandchildren. They always brag about how amazing we are and every little thing we do. However, for me, it is the opposite. I am so very proud of my grandma, the person she is, and all that she selflessly does for everyone around her.
My grandma, “Mimi” is what we call her, is the second child of five. Even though she wasn’t the first born, she still had all those typical traits. She was the worrier, the sensitive, concerned child. As we are told, she would always be afraid of making her parents upset. If something needed to be done, it was her you would want in charge. If something or someone needed to be cared for, she was your person.
My Grandma went on from high school to graduate from nursing school, a profession that is dedicated to helping others. A lifetime of giving back to people either at work or in her personal life. Throughout her life she has held many hands of dying patients at the hospital and has cared for both of her parents during their illnesses and as their lives came to an end. For my Mimi, even if you are a stranger she still treats you as one of her own. For example, on a frigid night last winter she searched all over Miller Road in Flint to find a homeless man shelter. She ended up paying for a hotel room that night for him. When we were in New York City, another homeless man fell to the ground as we walked by on the busy street and my Mimi gave him CPR immediately. These are just a couple of examples that describe how selfless and caring she is- ALL of the time.
My grandma has inspired me to become a better person each and every day. She sets a great example for myself, my sister, and many others. My grandma still takes a tremendous amount of pride and perseverance in her career (at 68 years young), and demonstrates what a hard worker really is. She inspires me to be thankful for the things I am gifted with and to never give up on anything. She helps me to continually strive for more and to work to excel in my academics and athletics. She is one of the people that inspire me to create my own non-profit organization, “Project Purpose,” which is dedicated to giving back to other people. A ‘hero’ is associated with a fictional character, but for me, my hero is VERY real and I call her “Mimi.”

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