Ask me any five questions, I dare you.

By Don Rush
By Don Rush

I was coddiwompling around the old social media thingamabob this past weekend for just a few minutes, and one of my 642 “friends” (most whom I have never met) shared a post from like seven years ago — wait! — can Facebook really be that old?
No, it wasn’t some snarky, punk message superimposed over a cute kid’s face; nor was it spiritually uplifting and it for sure wasn’t something politically depressing. It was something that kinda’ hit a nerve with me.
Here is that post, sort of:
“OK. You can ask me five questions and I will give you five honest answers — no matter how crazy they are. Ready, set . . . go!”
Always the sly cookie, I reposted that “friend’s” post at about 8 o’clock on a Saturday night — knowing full well, folks (except me) were out and about enjoying an awesome summer’s eve — thus I would not have to look inside and “share” things about me. As I speculated, I got nary a response except for a few like these:

“Man, that is open ended!”

“Some of us play this game everyday whether we want to or not. Does this imply that you don’t normally give us honest answers to crazy questions? Does that count as a question? Does asking if it counts as a question count as a question? That’s only three so I’m not officially in.”
and, “(Don, you are) Treading on dangerous ground.”

* * *

A firm follower of the motto, “No Guts, No Glory,” I might as well see where this idea goes. I started thinking more about the possibilities, and what could be gained from shuffling down the old Five Question path. A selfish ogre of a man, I even found a way that I can benefit. (Which shall become evident to you, later.)
Those who actually know me (personally have met me, talked to me, looked into my eyes, slapped my back, shared time with me, etc.) know I can be “that guy” who always asks questions of you. “How did that make you feel? Why did you want to go into that business? Where did you learn to do that? How do you handle yourself so well? And, I can (and often do) go on and on with questions until the questionee says something like, “Don! Stop asking me questions!” (What can I say? When I get into the zone, I am curious.)
When I saw the Five Questions post, I thought it would be a good reversal to turn things around here in my column. Let you readers ask me questions. I will answer them honestly. And, what is more, I can get not just one column out of this, but, if I play my cards right, two! Hot damn, let’s get this party started!
But, before we start, let’s get this out of the way so you don’t have do go down this particular line of questioning.

I love cuddly, little puppies, thunderstorms, playing in the rain and long walks on the beach at night and holding hands.

Now that the mushy stuff is off the asking table you can ask your questions. My email address is at the end of this column.
(Time out! I know most folks like to feel “loved”; since Facebook has come around I have settled for feeling “liked.” And, only one person has ever “blocked” me from their page, so I got that going for me. Okay, back to the column . . .)

* * *

One person did ask me questions — actually, the original poster. Asked she,
1. What would you consider the most valuable asset in your life?
2. What do you think is your best quality?
3. Movies or books?
4. What is the first thing you notice about a person?
5. Why? for each question 1-4.
Now, I think she was tricky in her asking. She actually had eight questions with that “why” for each. But, answer I did. I may share in a later column, should it come to be.

* * *

As that night’s social media travels (ever in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination) waned, I noticed a post from another “friend.” This one has haunted my dreams ever since. The post showed a picture, oh probably 10 or so years old, of the Trumps and Clintons, all chummy, together, arms around each other (though Bill Clinton’s hand was on the down side of Melania Trump’s hip). And, the poster stated something like, “What if Donald Trump is trying to lose the election so Hillary can be president of these United States?
In this mad, convoluted and messed up world wouldn’t that be something!? It would also explain how everyday the Trumpster says something more outlandish and offensive.
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