Auto-writer new for August vote

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.-Voters in the township can expect to see new voting machines for the Aug. 7 primary voting machine
“The auto-writer is a little bit different,” said Township Clerk Candee Allen. “A precinct worker has to get a receipt with a number, the voter puts in the receipt number in the machine and votes, then puts their ballot in the voting machine. They’re for handicapped people but anyone can use them.”
Anyone voting will fill out their ballot as usual, and when it comes time to turn in the ballot, they will slide them into the voting machine. If filled out properly, the machine will accept the vote and tell them their vote has been recorded.
The new machines will be at all six precincts, and the auto-writer machines will be at all six as well. The auto-writer at the station for precinct 1 and 2 is shared between the two, and each machine is assigned to a specific precinct. So when ballots are turned in, they will be rejected if they are not for the assigned precinct.

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