Brandon: No sealed bid for over $20K

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Brandon Twp. — During the regular meeting on March 4, the Brandon Township board of trustees voted 6-1 to approve policy changes to eliminate the need for sealed bids for projects over $20,000.
“After the last meeting, Kathy asked me to ask our attorney a question, and I did ask that question, and in response to that he recommended that we do change our policy for the sealed bidding process,” said supervisor Jayson Rumball. “We still have to get three quotes, it’s just making it so it doesn’t have to be sealed. It’s not state law anymore. This is Stuart’s recommendation.”
Rumball also stated that on average, the sealed bids they get are higher cost than unsealed bids.
Treasurer Scott Broughton voted against the policy change.
“I don’t see why it would make any difference for bidders if they put it in a sealed envelope,” said Broughton. “I don’t know why that automatically increases the price. Sealed bids protect the board, they protect the bidders, and it protects the public.”

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