Cosmo’s commandeered dog bed

Anyone who has been following the paper lately has probably read some pretty downer dog stories. Animals are something I care deeply about, and I, like many of you, could use a happy dog story.
About a year ago, I got a big, memory foam bean bag thing for our guest room. The room is full of bookshelves, and there’s a nook by the closet that I wanted as a reading nook, and this seemed like the perfect place to read.
I ordered it on Amazon, it came vacuum-sealed in a big box, and my dog Cosmo was enamored with this box. He was right on my heels as I slid it down the stairs to the basement, helped me push it to the living area, and as soon as I started opening the box, he grabbed the cardboard in his teeth and helped rip the box open.
Once it was open, it said to kneed the vacuum-sealed bag to break up the memory foam pieces, and when I started doing that, Cosmo began pouncing on it like a fun new game. We got it all broken up, put into the black cover and….
Cosmo jumped right on it. Right in the center, didn’t even leave space for me.
So that’s how I spent 70 bucks on what is now Cosmo’s favorite bed. Sometimes he lets me read there.

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