Filing deadline April 19 for library board, township boards

By Susan Bromley
Staff Writer

Brandon Twp.- All seats on the library board are up for election in August and if you wish to fill one, you must file to be put on the ballot by 4 p.m., April 19.

Candidates for the library trustee seats must be registered voters in the township, and must gather a minimum of 40 signatures, or maximum of 100 signatures of township registered voters on a petition that can be obtained at the clerk’s office, 395 Mill St., to which the petition must be returned by the deadline. To bypass the petition requirement, candidates may pay a $100 fee and also be placed on the ballot.

“No one has filed yet for library trustee, but seven packets have been picked up related to the library board,” said Clerk Candee Allen.

Six candidates for the library board, each to serve a 4-year term, will be elected at the Aug. 2 primary. The August ballot will also feature selection of Republican and Democratic candidates for township board, to appear on the November general election ballot.

In Brandon, Atlas and Groveland, the supervisor, clerk, and treasurer positions, as well as all trustee seats are open. The filing deadline for all to be placed on the primary ballot is also 4 p.m., April 19.

In Brandon, candidates must obtain a minimum of 20 signatures of registered township voters on their petitions and a maximum of 50. In Groveland and Atlas, a minimum of three petition signatures is required, but no more than 10 signatures or you will be disqualified. $100 filing fees are not options for these positions, petition signatures must be obtained.

Obtain petitions and return them by 4 p.m., April 19 to the office located in the township where you live, Brandon Township office, 395 Mill St., Ortonville, Groveland Township office, 4695 Grange Hall Road, Holly; or Atlas Township office, 7386 Gale Road, Grand Blanc.

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