Fishing trip results in disorderly conduct ticket

By Susan Bromley
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.- A man who verbally attacked a father and his three children who were going fishing has been cited for disorderly conduct.
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Greg Glover, Brandon substation commander, said the man who used profanity mistakenly believes the father and his kids, ages 11, 13, and 17, were trespassing on a piece of property in the 2600 block of Lakeview Drive that is used to access Perry Lake.
“The responsible does not own that piece of property,” said Glover. “He does not pay taxes on it and he has no right to tell people it is his property and keep them from accessing the lake.”
Glover and another deputy responded at about 12:36 p.m., July 21, to the area to speak with the complainant, who said that he and his children were launching their fishing boat at the neighborhood association’s boat launch on Lakeview when he was verbally accosted by a white male on the adjacent property. His two young daughters and his son were all present when the man began using obscene language at them and continued swearing even after the complainant had launched his boat and was trying to fish with his family.
The suspect was located at his residence and exited his home to speak with Glover about the incident. When asked if he used profane language in the presence of children, the man acknowleged that he did use foul language directed at all persons present at the boat launch. He said he does not want people using the association boat launch because he believes the property belongs to him.
Glover said the small parcel of vacant land, which he estimates to be 20 yards wide by 40 yards long, is a common area for subdivision homeowners to access the lake. He added that the police have had numerous conversations with the suspect and asked for documentation that he owns the land, and the man has provided none.
“The township states he does not own or pay taxes on this land,” said Glover. “He can’t verbally attack people using it to access the lake.”
The man was issued a citation for disorderly person.

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