Holiday connections

I’ve never been big on social media. Not because I don’t like it or think it’s a waste of time, I’m just bad at it. I think Twitter is kind of scary, I don’t want to watch people’s lives through Instagram, and Facebook I keep because it lets me see thrilling posts from my Grandma, such as what events are happening at her church, and my Grandma-in-law, such as ‘went shopping at Meijer today, got some great deals’.
You know, breaking news.
But I broke down and got a TikTok account. For a long time I refused to get a TikTok, but my brain needed more dopamine. And it wasn’t that I thought I was too cool for the app, on the contrary, I’m a nerd. I like comic books, reading, and playing board games. I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy having the app, but lo and behold, it’s actually funny.
And before I hear anything about young people spending too much time on our phones: you’re right. I use my phone all the time for work, to socialize, to take pictures of my dogs sleeping, and to shop on Amazon.
But at the end of the day, my husband obliges me while I show him 15 second videos I found funny, and we laugh together, or he stares at me blankly while I laugh, which is what marriage is.
I find phones bring people closer together. We have a group chat with our friend where we update each other on menial things and milestones alike, such as career changes, house-buying, and which friend left their wallet at our house (again.)
Phones can be a good thing as long as we use them to interact with those around us. When we’re with people we care about, we use phones to show them pictures, recent news, or something funny. And how wonderful is that to know someone thought of you when they were browsing dog videos online?
Happy holidays, I hope you get to spend some ‘unplugged’ time with your friends and family, and also get to connect to those you won’t see in person.

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