Letters to the Editor Dec. 9, 2023

Thank you Wojos
The Village of Ortonville along with the community thank Wojo’s Greenhouse, 2570 Oakwood Road, Brandon Township for their donation of the beautiful plants in the street planters through the downtown area this season.
They brighten up the downtown area, and the continued support of Wojo’s Greenhouse is greatly appreciated.
Bob Hauxwell
Ortonville DPW

Thank you Goodrich
As the family of our beloved Lola, it is difficult to express in words only how our hearts are filled with appreciation for all the love and grace that was bestowed in honor of our loved one – our mom, Granny, family member, friend, co-worker who was an amazing, intelligent and loving woman – surely ahead of her time. She was the true epitome of grace. All these qualities were so evident in the love shown to her through so many of her family, friends and community.
Where do we begin with our thank you? So many offered a helping hand; a shoulder to cry on; a listening ear; preparation of food by family and friends; musical presentations of the music she loved by long time, dear family friends; an amazing legacy video of a life well lived full of goodness and compassion; a beautiful handmade companion urn with additional painted art by longtime family friends; a wonderful MC who brought the service and people together with humor and compassion; a food train; and exemplary life presentation of her and her husband’s life of giving and goodness; a warm and gracious dinner prayer.
To Lola’s beloved family- her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, in-laws, nieces, nephews, those who became her children/grandchildren out of just pure love – thank you for loving her, respecting her, being there when the times were tough, being there and honoring her wisdom, grace and unconditional love. This is a true testament to the legacy she built alongside the love of her life, Giles. In conclusion, please forgive us if we have missed anyone, the list was long of the love given unconditionally to the amazing life well-lived by our beloved and gracious Lola Mae Hofacer.

The Hofacer Family

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