Letters to the editor Jan. 26

(In response to, Thank you Goodrich, a letter by Lynn Hoffman and Mark Trowbridge, The Citizen, page 6, Jan. 15)
Old News Boys
Dear Editor,
Let me add my thanks to and admiration for the Old Newsboys Goodfellows described in the January 19 letter by Lynn Hoffman and Mark Trowbridge.
Our family moved to Michigan when I was 6 years old. We were struggling after our dad had died leaving our mom with 4 kids, a tenth-grade education, no work experience and few funds.
On that Christmas Eve of 1952, the Goodfellows knocked on the door of our home in Ferndale, presenting us with a small pine tree, gifts and food. The Goodfellows even brought us Christmas ornaments, one of which still decorates our tree every year. The little bell from all those years ago with its faded stripes reminds me of my first Christmas in Michigan, reminds me of the enduring kindness and generosity of the Goodfellows.
Bonnie Beltramo
Town Hall Talks thank you
Dear Editor,
I would like to extend a warm thank you to those who attended our first Town Hall Talks at the Old Town Hall last Thursday to share ideas, thoughts, and concerns as a community. This platform is another step toward setting goals, creating plans, and completing projects that result in improving communication, lifestyle, and the future of our community. I invite residents, business owners, and community members alike to join us on the third Thursday of each month from 7-8 p.m. to share input with each other.
Tonja Brice
Protecting America
Dear Editor
The Commander and Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, Donald Trump, called the crisis at the southern border, an invasion. The US Constitution, Article 4, Section 4, states that Congress shall defend the states against invasion. Congress is not doing its job!
Several past presidents have also referred to the southern border as a crisis. The four previous presidents did little to solve the problem. Trump is asking congress for over 5 billion dollars to protect our border with a wall or fence. Presidents consult experts like generals and, in this case, Border Patrol as to what is necessary to protect the American people. The Border Patrol has supported the president’s request for a wall or barrier.
Congress is spending 686 billion dollars supporting NATO. They are willing to spend this money to defend Europe but refuse to protect our border. NATO was formed to protect Western Europe against the Soviet Union which no longer exists! Many of these countries that NATO was defending against, now belong to NATO.
Trump, after the failure of 4 previous presidents, is trying to protect America by not approving the budget unless money is approved to protect the border as requested by the Border Patrol and the President.
The Democrats are saying that we should reopen the government and then negotiate the budget for the border protection. President Reagan agreed to give amnesty to 6 million illegal immigrants if the Democrats would agree to protect the border. Reagan gave the amnesty to the 6 million illegals but the Democrats did nothing to solve the border problem. Trump knows the lessons of the past and will not be fooled by the Democrats again.
I have written Congresswoman, Elissa Slotkin asking her to support President Trumps request but I haven’t had a reply from her. Since Slotkin said, during her campaign,“party before country, always”… it is apparent that the millions that were given to her, by the left, is paying off for the enemies of our Constitution and it’s protections.
Please let Slotkin know that she is supposed to represent America and not a political party.

Walt Dilber
(In response to, The deplorables and their language, a column by Don Rush, The Citizen, Jan. 12, page 7)
How true!
Dear Editor,
I read and enjoyed Mr. Rush’s editorial about “deplorables and their language.” How true! The things they call our president are terrible! “Don’t say anything if you can’t say something good!” Wow I think we need a bar of soap.
Mrs. E. Mitchell

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