Letters to the Editor March 16, 2024

Property taxes
Many seniors, throughout the years, have complained about paying school taxes even if they haven’t had children in school for many years.
Some have never used public schools but they have had to pay school taxes in addition to private school costs.
I have heard arguments pro and con for many years, but the reality of the problem is that you never really own your home even if you paid it off years ago. If you don’t pay your property taxes you will lose your property.  It doesn’t matter if you paid cash for your property, or, if you had or have a mortgage on your property that you have paid on for years, you can lose your home to the government.
Property ownership is one our most valued rights. It’s time to take back our rights. There should be a point in life when the government can’t take away your property unless you are breaking some law. There should be a provision, in law, such as age, when government can’t take away what you have paid for.
In Oakland County we are paying property taxes on the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Detroit Zoo, a transportation system that we opposed but we still have to pay taxes for it. The transportation system is almost impossible to use and you still have to pay additionally if you do qualify to use it.
Younger people are voting to increase school taxes on, according to testing, inferior public schools. The higher taxes don’t improve education they just build facilities.
Property values are increasing due to inflation. Seniors are living on fixed incomes and can’t afford higher taxes. Seniors should be able to live in their home without the fear of being removed from their home, by the government!
I will not vote for any elected official who doesn’t do something to eliminate this inequity! Call or write your State Rep. or State Senator to voice your opinion.
Walt Dilber
Groveland Township

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