Letters to the Editor May 11, 2024

(In response to: Library board trustees candidates omitted from August ballot, The Citizen, May 4, 2024, pg. 1)
Thank you
I would like to thank the Brandon Township Board of Trustees for committing resources, including hiring their attorney, to pursue getting the “disqualified” Library Board candidates back on the election ballot. I especially would like to thank Jayson Rumball, Roselyn Blair, and Kathy Thurman for initiating this action. We, the candidates, appreciate your support and the recognition of the importance of having a well-qualified Board for the Library.
I would also like to thank Shelby Stewart-Soldan for the well-researched article regarding the disqualified candidates. It was helpful to all to understand the facts behind the issue. And, thank you to David Fleet for supporting the candidates and printing their names in the Citizen.
Citizens, if we are not put back on the ballot, please use your write in option at election time in November to vote for the following Library Board candidates: Alan W. Allgaier, Verna Cole, John Crockett, Cheryl Gault, Janet L. Rathburg, and Kay Taylor.
Thank you,
Cheryl Gault
Brandon Twp.

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