Letters to the Editor Nov. 25, 2023

On Nov. 11 at the Metro Youth Football League Cheerleading Competition, the girls from the Brandon Junior Blackhawks showed true sportsmanship to another competing team.
The Brandon girls, seeing so few in the crowd for the Durand team, made a victory tunnel. They stood, cheering on Durand, and made a tunnel to let the girls run through before taking the mat.
Our Blackhawks have such tremendous heart, spirit, and spirit. When the Durand coach asked why they chose to do it, several replied, “It’s right thing to do. And we’re Blackhawks, this is what we do.”
Jennifer Gifford

Folk Art and PTSD
I’m a little late in responding to two articles, as I get the paper mailed to me in Grand Blanc.
But I wanted to thank and commend Shelby on the excellent article about the Folk Art Church. I’m sure John Hay is thrilled to be quoted and to finally have the piece at the Old Mill.
The other article that touched me deeply was the one David wrote about the guy with PTSD. How revealing. Lots of people don’t understand the disease and how it affects people. And you gave recommendations of how to get help when it is discovered.
Great issue overall to both of you.
Judy Miracle
Grand Blanc
Ortonville Community Historical Society President

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