Letters to the Editor September 15

(In response to, SAD Administrative Fee-Lake Louise, a letter by Alicia DiGirolamo, The Citizen, Sept. 8, page 7)
Public sector complexities
Dear Editor
Flat footed…That was how I landed in the Treasurer’s office in 2008. My 32 years of experience at Ford Motor Company, all in the emerging computer industry, did not prepare me for the complexities of working in the public sector.
Fortunately, Teri Darnell, Deputy Treasurer, and Kim Sherman, Assistant Treasurer, both experienced professionals, guided me.
Despite three decades of managerial experience I was sometimes taken aback by the painstaking and time-consuming tasks of the Treasurer’s office. I can understand Ms. DiGirolamo’s perception, albeit misguided, that the Treasurer’s office is not efficient or able to “execute tasks” associated with Lake Louise.
Perhaps this sincere lady could “job shadow” Ms. Darnell as she does the Township Treasurer’s work for a day or two.
Maybe then Ms. DiGirolamo can judge from her personal observation how meticulous and labor-intensive Ms. Darnell’s job is.
Maybe then both Ms. Darnell and Ms. DiGirolamo will see that they share a common goal in assuring a healthy and weed free Lake Louise.
Tyrone C. Beltramo, Brandon
Township Treasurer, 2008-12
Brandon millage reduction
Dear Editor,
Brandon residents will be interested to know that their township millage rate will be reduced on their winter tax statements this December. The reduction will be .57 mills lower than last year which equates to $57 less for a $200,000 home. In addition to a slight reduction for Township Operating (due to the Headlee rollback factor) the Library debt has been paid off. Police and fire millages will stay the same as last year. The Brandon Township millage rates were approved at our Sept. 4 Board meeting.
Kathy Thurman

Business procedure 101
Dear Editor,
Recent newspaper reports state that at least nine (9) applications have been received by the Goodrich Village Council to fill an opening for the Administrators position. At the September 10 monthly council meeting the process for reviewing these applications was discussed. During public comments the council heard some of the concerns regarding the process. First, there is no official deadline in which the applications would no longer be accepted. This means that while current applications are being reviewed, new applications would be accepted. There was no information how long the process would continue.
In addition, to date, the council has not identified the salary of the position to be filled. The council is aware of the salary of the current administrator and is aware of the amount of money in the budget for this position. The council will interview the applications in an open meeting while keeping the salary a secret.
How many “Qualified” job seekers would continue to pursue a position without knowing the compensation that they will receive. It would appear that the council is looking for a Bargain Basement candidate to fill the position of Administrator. Perhaps the council should enroll in a class that offers Basic Business Procedure 101.
However the most troubling factor in the council‘s process is that the members of the council will not know the names of the candidates being reviewed and vented. We are told that this will prevent any bias in the selection process.
It is a sad commentary if we cannot trust our elected council members to be fair and objective in their selection. In addition, without knowledge of the name of the applicants, how do you verify the data that they submitted regarding education and experience? How do you check their background for any criminal activity? It’s time to stop this childish process in selecting the next village administrator and put some adults in the room.
A good start would be to elect Sherry Moore and Wendy Ciaramitaro this November.
Richard Saroli

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