My Michigan Hero by Savannah Belling

A man who has served in the United States Marine Corps. A man who has been shot at. A man I am proud to call my father. My dad, Christopher Belling, born in 1973, is my Michigan hero. Why is he my hero you may ask. He is my hero because he protects our community, helps others, and served our nation.

First of all, my father protects our community. My dad works for Waterford Police Department. He is a police officer. My dad works with all the victims and he figures out who should go to prison. He sometimes comes home late and stressed. He sometimes gets into police chases through people’s yards. He has been shot at. He is sometimes at work for 16 hours one day and 16 the next. As much as he gets frustrated towards his job, he knows he is doing the right thing by taking out all the bad people from our community.

Second, my dad helps others. My dad is always helping someone, whether it’s an old lady trying to cross the street, or helping a person who has a flat tire. He helps as many people as he can, every second of everyday. No matter where he is, at home or at a store, if he sees someone who needs help, he helps them. My dad puts others needs before his, no matter who it is.

Finally, my dad served in the United States Marine Corps. My dad risked his life, so we could have freedom. He has spent over 3 months, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, living off of military meals and could not shower. He was in the forest and in fields. He went at 19 and came out when he was 23. He went to Japan and different military bases Why did he do this? He did it because he wanted to protect The United States of America.

All in all, my dad is a true hero. He risks his life every day at work being a police officer. He is always helping someone, no matter what. He protected our country, so we could have freedom. Don’t you agree my dad is a hero?


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