‘Never Quit:’ Eric Overall memorial now fixture at BHS

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Three Brandon High School students are honoring a fallen deputy in a new way.Eric Overall
Recently, a photo of Deputy Eric Overall, who was killed in the line of duty on Thanksgiving 2017, made up of student photos was hung in the cafeteria, along with a decal that says ‘Never Quit’.
“We thought it would be a cool idea because he helped so many people, and those are the people he helped,” said Zoee Harris, a junior and future student council president.
Harris was one of three girls on the committee organized by the student council to create a memorial to Deputy Overall, along with Savannah Wilton and Kiana Isola.
“It was our charity week, that’s what I was in charge of, and we were supposed to do it for the humane society,” she said. “But some events were dedicated to him. We raised $1,000 to do memorials for him.”
The student council also redid the ‘Blackhawk Heros’ wall to include first responders. Overall was previously the school liaison office.
“All of them [faculty and students] seem to love the idea,” she said. “He was a big part of our school.”
The photo was designed by the three girls, and vice principal David Wyatt worked with the student council on the project.
“They wanted to honor and have a showcase for Eric,” she said. “The girls designed it and put it up.”
Wyatt is also still in contact with Overall’s wife Sonja, and the photo of him was given to the girls by her.
“She was very appreciative to see Eric’s legacy in the school he loved so much,” said Wyatt.
Harris also sees a positive reaction from students, especially seniors.
“That’s the stuff that makes me proud to be a Blackhawk,” said Harris.

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