Other millage renewals for Genseee County

In addition to the Atlas Township Pathway renewal, township residents will decide on three countywide millage renewals for
Michigan State University Extension services
MSU is asking county residents for a renewal of the current millage which supports 4-H youth programs, such as gardening, agriculture, and nutrition, among other agricultural programs. The previous levy expired on Dec. 31, 2017. If passed, the program will collect about $343,679 in the first year from the .04 mill levy.
Genesee County arts education and cultural enrichment millage
If passed, the countywide .96-mill levy will benefit the Flint Cultural Center, related arts and culture institutions. In addition, the also funds will assit the Greater Flint Arts Council with a $500,000 yearly grant to support cultural enrichment and arts education countywide.
Mass Transit Authority millage renewal
The Mass Transit Authority is seeking a renewal of a millage that will expire Dec. 31, 2018. The 0.40-mill levy will support transportation services for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged in Atlas Township and across Genesee County.

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