Presidential conventions show ‘we’ mean little

By Don Rush
By Don Rush

Oh, be still my beating, black-as-the-Ace-of-Spades heart. We “lucky” to be alive now Americans are in the midst of yet another presidential election, and ain’t it fun? These two weeks, every four years, are the most entertaining (and infuriating) 14 days of the political cycle.
This year’s spectical has exposed how broken and corrupt our political leaders really are.
It is becoming pretty apparent only the zealots of each of the two dominant parties actually believe their party-affiliation leaders. Has there ever been such lackluster support for the country’s “top” two presidential candidates?
By a show of hands out there, how many are actually voting for “their” candidate because of “their” candidate’s virtues, versus voting to block the other candidate from taking the Presidential Oath of Office?

The Trumpster
The Trumpster

Last week, we were witness to the circus that was the Republican National Committee’s Presidential Convention. Cleveland, Ohio hosted, and from the Mistake on the Lake we watched and read about non-Trump support within the ranks and some speakers, speech lines plagiarized, sick stomachs and noroviruses, video problems and a very angry (and long) acceptance speech from Candidate Trump. It all added up to fun shenanigans and witty fader for left-of-center leaning entertainers/late night TV show hosts.

Queen Hillary
Queen Hillary

This week, live from Philadelphia, PA we are experiencing the coronation of Queen Hillary (as if there were any doubt she would be anointed as the presidential nominee by the Democratic National Committee). And, as par for the course this year, there is turmoil on this side of the aisle, too.
What is significant with the leaked 20,000 e-mails from the DNC goes right to the problem with both parties and politics in Washington, D.C. (District of Criminals). The leaked emails show leaders of the Democratic party were actively undermining democracy — the will of their party members — when they paved the way for Hillary Clinton, over Bernie Sanders. Instead of letting the democratic process win out, they made damn sure nobody would “Feel The Bern” nationally.
They rigged the system, people, and they will tell you it is “okay,” we still need to come together to stop the vile and evil, hatemongering Donald Trump. (Totally ignoring their own unethical, if not illegal, actions.)
The emails show those donors who played ball with the DNC and did not support Sanders are more likely to get appointments when Hillary takes office as president of the United States.
And, those inside the Beltway, are so far removed from the “little” people of the country (read: you and me, not politically connected), they still do not understand why the campaigns of both Sanders and Trump resonate with average Americans. The core problem is Machiavellian in nature. The parties are “too big” to fail (just like some banks and corporations), and the ends will always justify the means. Laws are meant to control the masses, while remain ignored by the elites.
As the DNC, working with the Clinton campaign to get rid of the Sanders “problem,” I just bet Republican elites tried to throw land mines in front of the Trump campaign. They so wanted Trump to fail. I am positive Republicans leadership types are just as arrogant as their Dem counterparts. Their efforts, however, could not override a campaign funded by Trump’s own money.
If we honestly look at it, what the past year has shown is this — and it is not a Trump or Bernie thing — Americans long ignored are finally realizing it.

* * *

One of life’s lessons I try to pass on to my kids is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And, logically carried on, “something cannot be fixed until it is broken.”
Guess what? Our national government is broken. We have no statesmen (skilled and respected leaders), only demagogues who, as the definition shows, only “seek support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.”
I know we will not see a third party candidate rise and upset a Republican or Democrat presidential candidate, but maybe, just maybe this candidate can make some waves. Maybe Americans will (at least) look at maybe a Libertarian candidate like Gary Johnson and hear what they are saying.

Gary Johnson the liberator?
Gary Johnson, the liberator?

Maybe Americans will start having conversations with each other, instead of shouting down one another. Maybe we will see the powers that be have done a masterful job of separating us, dividing us for only one reason: To keep the power where it is, out of reach for me and you.

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