Township deputies to weigh trucks

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp. — During the regular meeting on May 1, the Brandon Township board of trustees approved the purchase of weigh scales for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon Substation for the purpose of weighing overweight trucks.
“When this first came up, I had an agreement with Bedrock to use their scales,” said OCSO Brandon Substation Commander Lt. Greg Glover. “But we found you have to weigh each individual axle, and their scale will only weigh the entire truck.”
The cost for the scales is $10,390, and a yearly calibration cost of around $300. The scales are portable and will help ticket vehicles that are overweight, especially on back roads.
“Seventy percent of every weigh master ticket comes back to the township,” said Glover. “We’ve stopped two trucks recently, and one garbage hauler, the ticket was almost $7,000. The townships get that paid back on a monthly basis.”
The main issue that has been brought up is gravel trains. During the April township meeting, a resident brought a large chunk of cement that had fallen off of a gravel train on his road.
“It’s been a major complaint by our residents out here as long as I’ve been here,” said Glover. “The gravel trains, it’s an issue.”

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