Township park gazebo donation considered

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp. — The Ortonville Lion’s Club and the Rotary Club are teaming up with Brandon Township Parks and Recreation to build a gazebo out at the township park, 1414 N. Hadley Road, Ortonville.
“I’ve got a letter of commitment from both of them, and I wrote a small grant for the Rotary, and we were awarded that,” said Parks and Recreation Director Fred Waybrant. “And the Lion’s Club told me they truly want this and they set an additional $10,000 off to the side in case something happens.”
Waybrant is also working on a grant for the Lion’s Club, which will be brought to the township board for approval at their February meeting, and submitted by Feb. 17 if approved.
“We’re asking for 29,500,” said Waybrant. “The good thing about this is there’s not matching money from the township.”
The project was approved by the park subcommittee to move forward, and it would include the entry walk, benches, solar lighting, the gazebo itself, the concrete floors, seating and trash cans.
“All the bells and whistles you have to have with a project like that,” said Waybrant. “We’re going to end up having near a $50,000 project when it’s done.”

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