Township to gravel 4.46 miles of road

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Brandon Twp. — During the regular meeting on March 4, the Brandon Township board of trustees approved the 2024 gravel road projects.
“We met with the road commission, and we went through where they recommend we put gravel this year,” said supervisor Jayson Rumball. “So we discussed all of that with the funding.”
The total cost would be $195,682.50, and it would cover graveling for 4.46 miles of road. The funds would be from the Road Commission for Oakland County/ Oakland County tri-party funds, budgeted tri-party funds, and road repair funds.
The roads slated for improvement are Dartmouth Road between Oakhill and Seymour Lake roads, Stanton Road between Dartmouth and Baldwin roads, Hadley Road south of Seymour Lake to Oakhill roads, Perry Lake Road south of Seymour Lake to Oakhill roads, and S. Lockwood Road. Actual roads completed are subject to change once bids go out for gravel costs in April.
“We don’t know what the exact number is yet,” he said. “The bids might come in higher.”

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