Village council Oks Oakwood sidewalk project

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Ortonville — During the regular Monday night meeting, the Ortonville village council voted 4-2 to approve the Oakwood Road sidewalk project.
Council members Pat George and Larry Hayden voted against the motion. The board is currently comprised of six members.
“I myself have talked to several people in the last week or so about this project,” said village president Ken Quisenberry. “It’s a wonderful opportunity.”
The project that was approved has been discussed for a few months by the village council. It will commit matching funds to the 2023 Small Urban Grant to a segment of Oakwood Road for a sidewalk. The grant provides federal funds through the Michigan Department of Transportation.
The portion of the sidewalk that will be complete will be from Narrin Park to Cedar Street, an 875 foot segment with a construction cost of $155,000. The village will be responsible for 20 percent of the project as well as engineering costs. The cost to the village was estimated at $31,000 for the project and $45,500 for the engineering. The grant will cover $124,000.
“I would like to see us move on this matter as quickly as possible,” said Quisenberry.
According to the timeline, survey and planning will take place this year, and construction will begin in May of 2024. The sidewalk will be on the residential side of the ditch along Oakwood Road, not in the right-of-way along the roadside. The village will conduct negotiations and property appraisal for the easements of each residential property where the sidewalk would be.

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