Village to research trash-hauling contract possibility

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville- At the meeting Monday night, the village council discussed researching the trash pick-up in the village, and the possibility of contracting the work through one trash pick-up service provider.
“The situation we have is that we have a number of we have a number of trash haulers in the village on a number of days,” said council man Pat George. “Lots of noise.”
George spoke of concerns with the blight in the village since there are garbage cans out on more than one day in the village. Another concern was cost to the residents, which could possibly be lowered if the village were to contract to one company. George also brought up the issues of multiple garbage trucks being out on the roads, adding to noise pollution, traffic and wear on the village streets.
Currently, residents contract their own waste removal services individually. Other nearby communities, such as the Villege of Oxford, contract with a single company for the entire village.
“Goodrich, I see they have those blue containers out, that’s Republic,” said George. “They pay $168 [per household]. Atlas Township uses a different disposal company, they have numbers at $108 is what their citizens pay.”

And that’s for curbside pickup, a receptacle, seasonal pick-up. With the exception of Ortonville, Brandon Township and Groveland, every single one of these [communities] has a special assessment.”
Brandon Township has previously looked at contracted waste pick-up through the township, as has Groveland, but neither township currently has a contract with a singular waste removal service.
George, along with village manager Bill Sprague, will continue to look into the issue of waste disposal service.
“What you’re asking council to consider is a strategy, maybe an ordinance, that would minimize the amount of trucks that beat down our roads, tear down our roads,” said council man Dan Eschmann. “It would minimize the blight in terms of the amount of trash you see out on a weekly basis out at the curb. We’re talking about reduced truck traffic slash noise. We’re talking about even affecting resident’s pocket books by reducing cost. What’s the downside?”
Residents wishing to voice concern or ideas can call the village offices at 248-627-4976.

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