Voter’s Guide, 46th district

State House-46th District
There are three candidates vying for a two-year term as the next state representative of the 46th District. The 46th District includes Oxford, Orion, Oakland (partial), Addison and Brandon townships.
Incumbent Rep. John Reilly of Oakland Twp. is running unopposed in the Republican Primary and will face off against the winner of the Democratic Primary in the Nov. 6 general election.
The two candidates on the Democrat ballot are:
Mindy Denninger
Age: 53
Residence: Oxford Twp.
Previous political experience/employment: Automotive Product Engineer
Why are you seeking the 46th District State Representative seat?
As an automotive engineer I solved problems and made decisions based on facts and data. We need legislators who can evaluate information rationally instead of simply following party lines, ideologies, or personal opinions. I have the skills and empathy to represent everyone in our district without ties to corporate donors/lobbyists. I’m a lifelong Michigander who truly cares about this state.
What are the top 3 issues/priorities you would like to address if elected?
1. It’s past time for Michigan to prioritize our infrastructure. Our roads and bridges are crumbling beneath us, many don’t have access to broadband, and some families can’t even drink their own water. I will apply my analytical skills to these complex topics to produce optimal results for our district and state with value and efficiency and get it done right.
2. To address other big issues like taxes, education, health care, and protecting our environment, we need legislators who see themselves as representatives of all the people, not just the ones who voted for them or fund their campaigns. I will seek out and consider input from individuals and experts to develop innovative solutions that work for everyone.
3. A sense of empathy should be a key factor in lawmaking. That means always considering the different perspectives of workers, veterans, retirees, teachers, students, parents, business owners, farmers, and those across the economic spectrum. I will use compassion as a priority in the legislative process to take on the issues that matter most to the people who live here.
Tom Watson
Mr. Watson did not submit his questionnaire for publication.

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