You’re Never Too Old To Learn


By Jim Sherman, Sr.

First published ten years ago, March 15, 2006.
I have even more proof that you’re never too old to learn, not that any was needed. And it involves my own trade, a preacher and a woman.
It is also an unsavory tale of stealth, smuggling and the King of England.
The first printing press in the United States was financed by the nonconformist clergyman, The Reverend Jose Glover of Sutton, Surry England. He planned to found and control a printery press in New England.
“On a fog-wrapped London night in 1638, after the harbourmaster had checked the passenger list and cargo, cleared the ship and passed down the gangplank into the darkness, hushed voices could be heard from time to time, calling softly from ship to shore. Large objects were passed into the ship’s hold.”
All this secrecy was because the King did not encourage enlightenment among the colonists. He prohibited presses, paper and anything connected to the black art from coming here.
With the press was a complete font of type and a large supply of paper. The Rev. died enroute, but his wife continued his mission. In on the deed was Stephen Daye, who, thus, became America’s number one printer.
The press was set up in Cambridge, Mass. His first sheet was titled, “The Freeman’s Oath,” which every member of the Massachusetts Colony had taken.
The first book ever printed in the U. S was “The Whole Book of Psalms.” Only 11 are said to be in existence. If you’ve got one, you’re rich.
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All anyone wants is a warm bed, kind words and unlimited power.
And: Willpower is the ability to resist temptation until you’re sure no-one’s looking.
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I’ve mentioned before that I write a lot of letters. A few years ago I wrote a brewery (I’m not going to mention its name and give them any publicity) about how the sound of pouring irritates me.
That gurgling sound affects me the way fingernails on blackboards affects others. There’s a too-often-played commercial on now that is nothing but the sight and sound of pouring.
I’m not going to protest in writing to them, knowing I’d get the same answer. Their rep wrote that their survey showed the pouring sound made people thirsty.
If you’ve ever wondered about subliminal advertising, here it is. Hasn’t our gov’ment, or the U.N. passed a law agi’n that?
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Remember – if everything is going your way, you’re probably in the wrong lane.

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