2024 Genesee County Earth Day Photo contest

Goodrich — The Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission (GCMPC) announce the winner of the 2024 Genesee County Earth Day Photo Contest and a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Congratulations to Izabel Swayne’s class at Reid Elementary School in Goodrich for capturing the true essence of Earth Day.

Swayne’s first-graders learned about the importance of caring for our environment through three different actions that they apply not only on Earth Day, but every day. These activities are each displayed by the students in their winning photo.
1. Reducing – Instead of single-use plastic water bottles, the students use their own reusable water bottle, creating less plastic waste.
2. Reusing – The class makes an effort to reuse materials by doing craft projects. Recently, the students created bird feeders using cardboard boxes and twine.

3. Recycling – Whenever the students see trash, they pick it up and priortize recycling the waste when possible.
Swayne’s class was commended by Genesee County officials, for helping the county reach its priority of healthy, livable, and safe communities through environmental stewardship.

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