BFD:Working smoke detectors key in fire safety

By David Fleet
Brandon Twp. — As a new year begins, Brandon Fire Department emphasizes the importance of working smoke detectors.
Billy Starr, Brandon Fire Department Captain/Medic and Fire Prevention Coordinator reminds residents there are many different types of detectors available in today’s market that differ from how they detect a fire and how they receive the energy needed to do so.
“While each has a different application, with a dual sensor/dual power source (photoelectric/ionization and wired/battery back-up) detector being superior, any properly working detector is better than no detector though. We often receive questions of when homeowners should replace their detectors and the answer to that is every 7-10 years or earlier if a detector fails. The manufacture date can be found on the back of each detector.”
Starr said firefighters are often asked how to determine if a detector is still good.
“We respond with making sure they are tested once a month with the test button and replacing the batteries if present every 6 months,” he said. “While a smoke detector does not prevent a fire from happening, in most cases it will alert you to the presence of a fire. Each home should have a minimum of one on the main level and one per level of the home if budget allows.”
Brandon Fire Department is a participant in the “MI Prevention Community Risk Reduction” statewide program in cooperation with the State of Michigan Bureau of Fire Services. This program has earmarked detectors and alarms for the fire department to assist high-risk residents with installation, having the goal of helping reduce fire deaths in the State of Michigan.
For senior citizen or low-income resident, call 248-627-4000 between 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Captain Starr or Fire Marshall Wilton will provide a fire safety consultation and installation scheduled.
If residents have purchased a smoke detector they will also assist in installation.

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