The social aspect of anti-social activities

It’s no surprise that I’ve always been an avid reader. Even as a child, I was rarely without a book. I got in trouble for reading in English class once, no joke. She was not my favorite teacher. But it didn’t discourage me from always having a book with me. And growing up, reading was […]

A rose by any other name

This week I went to pick up a prescription, and when the pharmacist asked my name, I told her ‘Shelby Stewart-Soldan’ which is my full name. She couldn’t find anything under that last name, but eventually found it under ‘Soldan’ which is only half of my last name. I made a joke that the fun […]

Self-publishing 101: an adventure in writing

This week I had the opportunity to speak to local aspiring authors about self-publishing. A few months ago, fellow self-published author Jordan Schwarz approached me about combining our efforts for a self-publishing 101 workshop at the Brandon Township Public Library, and I thought it was a great idea. I write for a living, I love […]

Sick days and comfort TV

I’ve spent this past week working from home due to a wicked flu. I will say, I’ve only had the flu a handful of times in my life. Luckily, I never caught a lot of illness from school. That’s not to say I wasn’t sick. I grew up with a pretty severe dustmite allergy, and […]

A community united

This week I got to attend one of my favorite events: the Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance annual sponsor breakfast. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m the secretary on the BGYA executive board. Our main mission to help at-risk kids in the Brandon-Groveland community, and our breakfast is a thank-you to everyone in the community who […]

‘Me time’ and the inevitable bookish adventure

I’m a huge supporter of what I like to call ‘me time.’ That means something different for every person. I know a lot of people whose ‘me time’ consists of reading or watching their favorite television show or cooking uninterrupted. Sometimes they peacefully engage in a hobby, or take a bubble bath. My ‘me time’ […]

Always a bridesmaid

This is the first year since 2019 that I’m not standing up in a wedding. Yet. The year is early. But to put it simply, I’ve been maid of honor in two weddings (actually matron, but I don’t feel old enough to have the title ‘matron’), bridesmaid in one wedding, and bride in two weddings. […]

Tax-season hobbies

It is well into tax-season, which means it’s time for my tax-season hobby. My husband is an accountant, so from January-April he works late hours. That means I have to find ways to entertain myself while he’s busy. Most television shows we watch together, so I can’t catch up on TV, and I read all […]

Interlocking hearts

Valentine’s day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love any excuse to spend time with my husband Kyle. We usually go out to dinner and get each other cards. It never has to be anything fancy, we just enjoy spending time together, and I love greeting cards. We’ve been married for three […]

‘Boring’ doesn’t have to be boring

A friend told me recently that she felt like she wasn’t ready to settle down and be ‘boring’ yet. Which, on one hand, I understand. On the other hand, I love being boring. I’m an introvert, and a homebody. I love being home. And it’s not that being at home is always boring, but some […]

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