District sinking fund millage set for May 7 vote

By David Fleet
Goodrich — On Monday night the Goodrich School Board voted 5-0 to OK a May 7 ballot proposal for a district sinking fund. Vice President Jeff Brown and Trustee Scott VanSumeren were absent with notice.
Voters in the Goodrich School District which includes parts of Atlas and Groveland townships, including the Village of Goodrich, will consider a proposal for one mill to last nine years. If approved, the millage would generate approximately $645,000 per year for the district, and would cost about $100 per $100,000 home value per year.
“The sinking fund will be used for construction, repairing buildings, school security improvements, upgrading technology and all other purposes allowable by law,” said District Superintendent Mike Baszler.
In Atlas Township and the Village of Goodrich, voters in all precincts will vote at the high school 8029 S. Gale Road, Goodrich.
“Goodrich is one of the few schools in the area that does not currently have a sinking fund,” said Baszler. “It’s difficult to pull the money out of the general fund.”
This will be the third attempt at passing a sinking fund for Goodrich Schools.
In November 2022, 58.89 percent of district voters turned down a 1 mill sinking fund millage proposal that would provide over a period of 10 years approximately $570,000 per year. Then, in November 2023 voters went to the polls in light numbers and rejected 1,540 no to 1,231 yes a similar 1 mill sinking fund proposal for the distirct.
“Although we ended up short of our goal, our roadmap as a school district to provide the best we can for our students and community stays the same,” said Baszler.
“Our team made strides from a year ago in educating the community and are grateful for all those who came out to vote. We are determined and will be back at the table soon to discuss how we can further educate and explain the importance a sinking fund will have in addressing our aging facilities to give the best possible for Goodrich students.”

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