Goodrich to replace three school buses this summer

By David Fleet
Goodrich—On Monday night the Goodrich Area Schools Board of Education voted 7-0 to purchase three school buses for the district.
Two 2019, with a capacity of 77 passengers gas-powered buses at a cost of $133,426 and one 2019, with a capacity of 77 passengers diesel powered bus at a cost of $76,239.
The three lease turn-in buses with factory warranties will replace older buses and be available.
“We are getting rid of the buses that are difficult to keep on the road,” said Mike Baszler, district superintendent. “We don’t know want to get red-tagged on these buses and take them out of the fleet.”
Michigan school buses are inspected on a cycle beginning each Sept. 1 and ending each Aug. 31.
The MSP for pupil transportation requires the repair of all red tag items before placing that bus back into passenger service. The yellow column indicates the number of school buses found in an unsatisfactory condition, but are safe for operation. These school buses by law must be repaired within 60 days of the original inspection date.
According to the Michigan State Police, between Sept. 1, 2021 and Aug. 31, 2022 of 22 buses in the fleet, Goodrich Area Schools had 17 passed; two yellow flagged; three red flagged. In the Brandon School, of 27 buses in the fleet, 22 passed; 1 yellow flag and four red flagged.

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