Hole-in-one at Goodrich Country Club

Olav Haaseth, 68, of Brandon Township scored a hole-in-one on July 11 at the Goodrich Country Club.

Haaseth hit the shot on the 133-yard hole four with a six iron Cobra Club and Tommy Amour ball. The shot was witnessed by Ed Alberton, Dan Ellis and Terry Rylence. The group were part of the Anybody Golf League.
Haaseth said he’s only been playing golf regularly for about seven years since his retirement from Golling Pontiac, GMC, Lake Orion where he worked as an auto technician.
“For many years I only played maybe two or three times per year,” he said. “When I hit the shot I knew it was just perfect. The ball hit the green and bounced about eight to ten feet then disappeared. It was just so dead on the pin, we all had our months open. So when we walked up and did not see the ball behind the pin or on the green—I picked up the flag and my ball came out.”
Haaseth is a member of the Tuesday Anyone Golf League at GCC. It was his first hole-in-one.

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