Ortonville Centennial-1948

By David Fleet
Ortonville — A 1930 Ortonville area newspaper account included a tribute to James Fred Wilder, the last surviving Ortonville area Civil War veteran during the Memorial Day parade.
On the journey to the cemetery, a momentary tribute was paid to Fred Wilder, 91 (Fourth Michigan Cavalry Regiment), as they passed his home, the only Civil War Veteran still living in Ortonville. This Memorial Day is only the second time that Fred Wilders has missed attending the patriotic services in a period of 49 years. The first absence was two years ago when illness kept him at home. The parade stopped to pay him homage while he sat at the window in his home. (Wilder died in 1936).
Wilder is just one of the names mentioned in the Ortonville Centennial, July 3-5, 1948 souvenir booklet that will be available during the Amos Orton Birthday celebration from 6-9 p.m., June 7, at the Old Town Hall. The party is a prelude to the 175th Ortonville anniversary celebrated during the year and at Septemberfest.
The book was recovered by Oakland County Historian and Brandon Township Carol Bacak-Egho and provides a look at the community 75 years ago.

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