Sub raises tabled

Goodrich ? The issue of a 2-percent pay raise for Goodrich substitute teachers was put on hold at Monday’s meeting so school board members could further research the matter.
Goodrich High School Media Specialist Joan Turner spoke against the raise. ‘I question a pay raise for subs when we’re cutting textbooks and supplies,? said Turner. ‘Our subs are already the highest paid in the county and we have no shortage of subs.?
The issue was raised during the 2003-2004 school year, when substitute bus drivers received a raise while substitute teachers did not.
‘In light of a bad economic forecast you can toe the line or keep pace so you don’t fall behind,? said superintendent Raymond Green, in recommending the increase. ‘This is a relatively minor budget amount.?
Board trustee Ken Rappuhn isn’t in favor of voting in the pay increase over textbooks.
‘Principals have had to make some hard choices next year because budgets are small,? said Green.
‘I don’t want to minimize the impact of the cuts.? he motion to grant the pay raise was tabled until the June 14 meeting.