Township to consolidate voting precincts

By David Fleet
Atlas Twp. — In 2024, township voters will go to the polls in one location.
The Goodrich High School gymnasium is expected to be the site of all the four precincts that are currently at four different locations within the 36-square miles of the township.
“It’s often difficult to find a place in the township to host the elections due to scheduling conflicts,” said Katie Vick, township clerk.
For an election it typically takes about three days to set up equipment and tables necessary, she said.
“Many of the churches may not have the space or parking to host the election,” she said. “Our top priority is finding a facility that is going to be consistent into the future.”
The Goodrich High School location is within a mile-and-half of the current precincts. It is expected the school will be closed and there’s ample parking.
On Nov. 22 Vick along with Goodrich Schools Superintendent Wayne Wright walked through the district’s gymnasiums to determine the feasibility.
“They could do all the election in one site,” said Wright, a former Lake Fenton superintendent. “It would be a lot less expensive and fewer workers.”
Currently Fenton Township has six voting precincts, all consolidated into a single polling location at Lake Fenton High School. In November 2022 there were 5,333 ballots cast at the school. In comparison, 2,870 voters cast election day ballots in Atlas Township.
“About 20 percent fewer voters go to the polls due to the use of absentee ballots,” said Vick.

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