Jan’s boaters snag great catch

Goodrich-In the dark, early morning hours of July 11, a legion of fishermen gathered at Metro Beach on the shores of Lake St. Clair. Each of the 60 two-man fishing teams sported a variety of specialized equipment from Global Positioning Systems to 200-hp bass boats to high-tech fish finders. The assembly of anglers arrived from […]

Goodrich, ISD eye district bus consortium

Goodrich-Students who attend the Genesee Area Skill Center (GASC) may have a different ride to school this fall. Each school day about 50 Goodrich high school students board a district bus for the 20 minute trek to the GASC located in Mundy Township for a variety of vocational classes. That process may change this fall […]

Goodrich Market Place starts anew

Goodrich- While the sign on the Goodrich Market Place will stay the same, inside will look a little different. Since, June 30, Goodrich Market Place, 8175 S. State Road is under new ownership. Tim Yousif and Marvin Pattah along with other family members are the new owners of Goodrich Market Place and Goodrich Plaza. ‘We’re […]

Barking dog ordinance OK’d by twp.

Groveland Twp.- They may be ‘man’s best friend? yet when they choose to yelp, howl or yip that longtime friendship is tested. ‘When residents open their windows in the summer the complaints about barking dogs start rolling in,? said Jason Hudson, township ordinance enforcer. ‘Typically I would respond to 15 or 20 calls each summer […]

Jenniches to step down

Brandon Schools? Brandon School District Superintendent Bart Jenniches says the 2004-05 school year will be his last. ‘I want to give the board of education ample time to find a replacement,? said Jenniches before making the announcement at the June 14 school board meeting. ‘After nine years now it’s time for me to move on. […]

When lightning strikes often

Brandon Twp – When lightning struck Wilford and Shelia Rymar’s Perry Lake home the couple considered themselves lucky. The Wilfords arrived home last Sunday night to find the remnants of a massive double chimney scattered over the deck, stairs and lawn. A section of the chimney had crashed through the garage roof. The homes air […]

‘I owe it to my family to walk again?

Ortonville – Brad Erlandson celebrates Father’s Day from the confines of a wheelchair. ‘My role as a father has changed, like a referee I can’t physically pull the kids apart, but I can speak to them as a father’they’ll obey my words.? ‘God designed me to walk. The wheelchair and walker are just a temporary […]

Inflatable fun

Ortonville-Chris Steer hopes to get a jump on a new area business. With the auto industry on the skids, Steer, a Louca Mold and Aircraft gundrill foreman for the past 15 years was ready to look for some additional income. ‘I was discussing with a neighbor some ideas of what else we could do for […]

Gravity rediscovered

Brandon Twp.-The Brandon Fletcher Intermediate fifth-grade students have their feet firmly planted on the ground’and now they know why. Students from the classes of fifth-grade teachersTami Rousseu, Heather Sirianni and Kim Coffey combined to study the works of Isaac Newton, who discovered the law of universal gravitation. To prove Newton’s laws, the teaching trio worked […]

Tell a veteran you’re not voting

In a report issued September 2001 by the Michigan Department of Education, almost half of Michigan school districts reported fewer than 5 percent of eligible voters participated in the 2000 school board election. Three-quarters of the districts had turnouts of 10 percent or less, and since not all eligible citizens register to vote, the percentage […]