Letters to the editor Feb. 11

Thank you for marching Dear Editor, This letter is in response to the back- to-back columns written by Susan Bromley. The first one was on Jan. 21, “Why I March.” Thank you Susan Bromley for your beautiful and uplifting words. All the reasons you listed for marching, are the reasons I feel deep within my […]

Letter to the editor: Feb. 4, 2017

Like Trump, like follower! (In response to: ‘I am so over it,’ a letter by Tamara Itoney-Carden, The Citizen, Jan. 28, 2017, page 6) Dear Editor, I was surprised to see such a derogatory response to Susan Bromley’s column “Why I march.” This letter was filled with many statements that are inaccurate and also with […]

Letters to the Editor Jan. 28, 2017

Midnight in America Dear Editor, When I was working in a small factory in the St Clair Shores area, I was puzzled by the garbage scattered in the salaried parking lot: an occasional slice of tomato, a ruffle of lettuce like the garnish you would find on a takeout sandwich. The factory employed maybe 300 […]

Letters Jan. 21, 2017

New administration needs a chance (In response to: Letters to the editor from Bonnie Beltramo and Raymond Bilkos, The Citizen, Jan. 14, page 6.) Dear Editor, I disagree with many of the facts put forth and would like to walk it back a bit and perhaps stir some memories. Upon taking office in 2008 Mr. […]

Letters Jan. 14

Guaranteed health insurance Dear Editor, The Republican Party is doubling down on the intelligence of the American people. After electing a former game show host for president, the Republican Party is still selling that Obamacare is not working and that the only solution is to repeal and not replace. Even though 20 million people are […]

Letters to the editor Jan. 7, 2017

How to repeal and replace Obamacare under the Trump administration Dear Editor, Since 2010, Republicans have promised to fully repeal Obamacare, campaigned on full repeal, and voted over 60 times to repeal parts or all of this disastrous healthcare law. Now that the American people gave Republicans unified control of the government, there are no […]

Letters Dec. 31, 2016

Dena Marie Bancroft Foundation Dear Editor, The Dena Marie Bancroft Foundation, keeping with their tradition of honoring Dena’s memory of being a joy giver and smile maker for children at difficult times, have this year adopted the Snitgen family (James, Emily and children Madeline and Alexander). Their gifts of food, toys and clothing, have ensured […]

Letters 12-24-16

Gun shots Dear Editor, (In response to: ‘Too Close: Hunter’s errant bullet narrowly misses township official,’ The Citizen, Nov 26, 2016, page 1) I read with interest your account of the Atlas Township supervisor who was narrowly missed by bullets. I have two comments. One, was Mrs. Onica wearing blaze orange? It is a good […]

Letters to the editor

Kudos to parents, board (In response to: ‘Goodrich superintendent draws ire for interrogative style, school board criticized,’ The Citizen, Dec. 3, page 1) Dear Editor, Goodrich School District is not the first to experience the scenario described in The Citizen’s Dec. 3 issue. Kudos to the parents and school board members who are standing behind […]

Letters to the editor Nov. 26

Thank you community Dear Editor, With another year about gone and Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays coming up I am very glad to be part of the Ortonville community. As the VFW Post commander, I want to thank all the residents and business owners for their support and donations to help the VFW Post be […]